At Wyckoff’s several steps are taken to ensure ease in getting your fresh Christmas Tree from the farm to your living room.

Once selected and cut, your Christmas Tree will first be placed upon a specially designed “Tree Shaker” which will rid the tree of any dead internal needles caused by natural shedding as the tree grows. Shaker limit does not permit shaking of large trees.

The next step is the baling process which wraps your Christmas Tree up. The baling process affords ease while handling and transporting your Christmas Tree. Baling also helps to protect your Christmas Tree during transport.

The last step is drilling a hole in the base of your Christmas Tree with our Christmas Tree drill, for those who utilize the “Pin” type stand. The pin-type stand is an easy to use stand. The pin in the center of the stand is seated in the hole that was drilled in the base of the tree. The tree is then simply stood up, no more fumbling with screws. Stands are available for purchase.

All of these processes are complementary services.

Our Cut-Your-Own-Tree Process

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