Canaan Fir Christmas Tree

Named for its native localities to the Canaan Valley in West Virginia, the Canaan Fir is characterized by a pleasant scent. Leaves (needles) are ¾ to 1 ½ -inch long and exhibit a beautiful deep green color, although sometimes needles will take on a slightly bluish-green color with silvery shades on the undersides. The body of the tree features dense branches that take on a pyramidal shape coming to an apex with a long tip at its crown.

Cut Your Own: TBD

Fresh Cut:  TBD

(Size and availability may change as the season progresses.)


Cut your own trees are tagged with the price

The average cost for trees 8′ and under is $14 per foot. Larger premium trees may be more per foot.

Colored trees are Currently Sold Out

We offer a selection of fresh cut trees at various prices. Fresh cut trees may be supplemented with hand selected trees from other farms.

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